Sublingual Allergy Drops

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Allergies are a life-long irritation for many patients in the Rio Grande Valley. Dr Mackie and The Mackie Clinic have provided allergy relief to patients for over 25 years.

Modern Medicine has advanced within that time and now The Mackie Clinic is happy to offer sublingual allergy drops for sufferers of chronic allergy symptoms.

Our professional team at The Mackie Clinic can help you determine whether you are a good fit for Sublingual Allergy Drops.

A few drops under the tongue, and you are one step closer to living allergy free.

Since every patient experiences allergy symptoms uniquely, it’s best if you contact The Mackie Clinic and find out if Sublingual Allergy Drops are right for you or your family.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sublingual Allergy Drops:

Will the weekly shots and the sublingual drops help with food allergies?

Our Allergy Shots and Allergy Sublingual Drops help patients with their environmental allergies, but only the LDA will help with your food allergies. Call us 956-631-2957 with any questions or to book an appointment.

What’s the benefit of the sublingual allergy drops vs shots?

Of all our Allergy Treatments, the Sublingual Allergy drops are popular because patients take the drops at home, as opposed to visiting for regular Allergy Shots. Every patient is different, please call us at 956-631-2957 with any questions.

Are the sublingual allergy drops covered by insurance?

No, the sublingual allergy drops are not covered by insurance.

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