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Many Residents of the Rio Grande Valley are familiar with Spring Allergy season and the usual suspsects: Ragweed, Pollen, Dust and Mold.

But Allergy Sufferers can be sensitive to thousands of different foods, environmental factors (like cleaning or industrial chemicals) or natural substances.

The Mackie Clinic can help you understand your allergy triggers and find long-lasting relief through allergy testing.

Allergy testing is usually done with skin tests (also known as scratch tests) that are conducted in one visit.

There is often no need to send these results to a lab and you will get your results from our Mackie Clinic Healthcare Specialist.

Imagine knowing what factors affect your seasonal allergies and you could anticipate, prepare and treat your allergies, finding real relief?

We are happy to help you manage your allergies through allergy test.

We offer several other allergies services including Low Dose Allergen and Sublingual Drops.

Contact the Mackie Clinic to learn about your specific allergies triggers thought our Allergy Testing service.

The Mackie Clinic wants to be your first choice for Ent Specialists in the Rio Grande Valley.

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Sublingual Allergy Drops

Sublingual Allergy Drops are for patients seeking low maintenance relief from their allergy symptoms.

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Low Dose Enzyme Activation

The Low Dose Enzyme Activation (LDA) in an immunotherapy treatment that can provide relief from Allergy Symptoms.

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Allergy Testing

Patients can find relief and feel more comfortable after they have identified their allergy triggers.

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